A tool for decision making

Streaming in real time

View live images of the UAV and simply share the video feed to decision-makers.
Record images and videos on from this feed for later analysis.

Geographic data

Place your images and videos in their geographical context, on an IGN or Satellite map.
Calculate distances and areas on these images using our tools.
Annotate your data to illustrate the Tactical Situation of real-time terrain data.

Exploit your images with AI

MidGard 'sArtificial Intelligence offers many possibilities that meet the needs of Civil Security actors.

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A set of cutting-edge technologies

Geographic information systems

GIS allows to restore geographical data in the form of plans and maps.

Image processing

Image processing will allow you to extract a lot of information about an area from images.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial vision allows the machine to accurately determine the content of an image and then classify it automatically.

Centralization of information

The Midgard Dashboard will allow you to control and visualize your activity.

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