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While the CIEG announces in its August 2021 report a temperature increase of 1.5°C by 2030, the alarming consequences of global warming are raging in the four corners of the globe.

In this environment, which is increasingly complex for Civil Security services, MidGard is developing a complete data collection and analysis solution for different types of natural disasters.

Today in France, 70% of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Services have started to use UAVs to improve their knowledge of the operational situation. But, although data capture is becoming more and more accessible, the real challenge is to exploit all this data to make it available, shareable and exploitable as quickly as possible.

MidGard's main challenge is to assist civil security actors in protecting people, property and the environment by facilitating " field analysis ".

Streaming and storage

The MidGard application is accessible on all devices via a secure login.
Thanks to the MidGard solution, visualise your interventions in real time and off-line in order to optimise the recognition of the situation.
The application gives access to different functionalities:

Up to 4 drones can be viewed simultaneously in real time as they fly. The user can take screenshots of this video.

Real-time videos and screen captures are recorded in the intervention file. They can be consulted at any time, during the intervention or in RETEX.
In addition, media from any vector (mobile phone, horus, SIM card, etc.) can also be added to the intervention.

The live stream can be shared with anyone inside or outside the organisation. The ergonomic dashboard allows easy access to the main features and easy collaboration with other departments.

Up to 4 drones can be viewed simultaneously in real time as they fly. The user can take screenshots of this video.


In addition to streaming and storage, MidGard offers a mapping tool. This tool aims to help you organise actions according to the real-time images of the situation repositioned in the geographical context.

Each mapping published in the organisation will be listed in the history to visualise the evolution of an intervention.

You can customise the mapping to suit your needs with satellite, street and ING background maps in 2D or 3D.

You can simply add drawings (SITAC symbols, polygons, lines) to the map or drone images, calculate areas and distances to best represent the situation. We also provide tools for the trade: propagation cones, facade numbering, exclusion zone circles.

This mapping could be augmented with real-time drone photos to build on the observation of the situation to organise it.

Exploit your images with AI

MidGard 'sArtificial Intelligence offers many possibilities that meet the needs of Civil Security actors.

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