The protection of people, property
and the environment

The association of an engineer and a firefighter, the genesis of MidGard in the heart of a region affected by the effects of climate change.

! feux  Thanks to new technologies, we wish to support operational personnel in their missions to protect people, property and our environment.

Thus, at MidGard, we use aerial imagery to extract the maximum amount of information, useful to the commander of rescue operations in prevention, intervention and diagnosis.

We provide you with modern and intuitive streaming, mapping and image analysis tools that allow you to aggregate data, put it into context and analyze it automatically.

Our mission is to provide you with all the information that can be gathered through technology, so that you can make the best decisions based on the situation.

"The MidGard decision-support tool will help improve the protection of endangered populations and be a guardian angel for the rescue."
Laurent Terramorsi

Between field and scientific skills

Anne-Sophie Cadre


Aeronautical Engineer ENAC
Specialized Master's Degree in Big Data at Télécom ParisTech
Drone Pilot
HEC Challenge +

Laurent Terramorsi


Professional firefighter at SIS2A
DU in Crisis Management
Former Paris firefighter
Drone pilot
HEC Challenge +

Carlo Capuano


« if(code.isHard){carlo.write(code);}

Peu importe la difficulté,
j'adore relever le défi ! »

Marcu-Andria Battesti

Data Scientist

"As a MidGardian, I allow users to interpret their data as quickly as possible thanks to algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence"

Coralie Rocchi

Administrative Manager

" My mission at Midgard: Plan, organize, manage and coordinate administrative tasks.


Philippe Ceru

Drone Telepilot

"Volunteer firefighter by passion, I graduated as a UAV Pilot so I could work with the firefighters and MidGard."

Thierry Carret
Deputy Director SDIS30

The UAV allows more flexibility, and data analysis allows us to improve our operational procedures.

Philippe Ollandini
Head of the DDTM2A Forest Unit

We believe that this project presented by MidGard is capable of having a real impact on the protection of the forests under our care.

Francois Vogel
Zonal Drone Advisor SDIS63

We were able to use the MidGard streaming on the Tour de France in August 2020 to check the respect of the regulatory distances from the prefecture.

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